3 Saving Tips from Financial Planners

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3 Saving Tips from Financial Planners - According to NatWest data, of the 750 thousand individuals, half claim to never save money every month.  Martin Lewis, a financial planner who has a money-saving specialist, agrees that everyone should save their money.

 "There are people in this country who have lower income than their minimum expenditure, and that is a real crisis," explained the owner of the MoneySavingExpert.com site, as quoted from The Guardian, Sunday (10/27/2019):

 If you are part of a person who is still confused about how to save money, here are 4 tips given by Martin Lewis:

 1. Look at debt first

 If you have a lot of debt, it's better to pay off first and then start saving.

 2. Analyze what you spend

 Make a note of what your expenses are besides making sure your expenses also fit the bill so that you don't pay more than the bills.

 Set up a different account for additional income, so that you don't directly spend the money but save it.

 Learn how to save money and begin to be disciplined about finance.

 3. Get into the right mindset

 If you have a fairly high income, saving money is nothing to think about again. Make saving is a habit because saving is also a useful habit.

 If the income is low enough, this is difficult.  But anything that can be saved, which has value for money, does not hurt to save.

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